Back in England


15th May 2015

We have been back in England 7 weeks and enjoyed being here, however, it is time to return to Thailand, all the dogs and Plodd. Since we left Thailand we have had a fire at the house there (fortunately no one was hurt) so we will have to sort out the damage as soon as we get back as the Kids from Rumania arrive early June for 10 days, then we are taking a trip on the Orient Express from Bangkok to Singapore later in July,before heading off again in Plodd for a few weeks.

I have spoken to Spring our guide from when we was in China and she says she is up for a trip with us for around 6 weeks just in China in Plodd next year but we will have to wait and see if that happens.

So we return to Thailand next Monday arriving Tuesday and we are looking forward to seeing Natalie and all the dogs.

I will up date as I have more info on our travels in South East Asia


Dave & Les