Another night in Turkey

22nd April 2014

Last night we did walk in to town but couldn’t find a restaurant that we fancied, so we just had a couple of drinks in a bar on the front then got a cab back to the restaurant Kumsal for dinner, as we no that the food in there is always good, then after dinner we went back to Plodd, a surprise another motorhome with French plates was parked next to Plodd, I think we have started a trend of wild camping across the road from the restaurant Kumsal. we sat in the cab for an hour watching the world go by before going to bed.

This morning at about 7.30am I was just sitting in the cab in the warm sunshine watching the many ships going by in what appears to be a very busy shipping lane, when there was a big cruses liner on its way into port,that brought back some memories from many years ago,when we worked the cruses ships.