Amazing Transportation System in Ulaanbaater

Friday 13th June 2014,


So we are in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia and trying to get a few jobs done on Plodd.

We have found that the following have stopped working:-

Toilet light, radio, bathroom lights, the lights in the front seating area and all the 12v power sockets, this may sound bad but it is just one fuse that keeps blowing. I emailed Fred in Leyland and have proceeded with his instructions and now everything except the radio is working.  I took the radio out and yesterday took it to a small repair shop in the market opposite where we are parked up (The Tokyo Hotel car park), Fred has been brilliant any problems and he tells me what he thinks will solve the problem and it usually works, thanks Fred.

The guy in the shop has told me to go back at 12 noon today to collect the radio so that sounds promising. I have also taken three pairs of jeans that are too long to be cut off and turned up to a machinist next to the electronics repair stall in the market, the cost is quite considerable at €1 per pair. Lol!


Another job that we need fixing before we reach the dessert on the next leg of the journey is the drivers door lock, it will not open from the inside, it works ok from the outside and we can still lock it.


One more job is the laundry I asked my mate the security man if he could point me to a Laundry, anyway he said if you have powder you can use the hotels washer so I took him up on his offer and we are now up to date with the washing.


Anyway one of the highlights of the trip, Ulaanbaatar’s transportation system, “unbelievable!”, you stand at the side of the road with the palm of your hand facing the ground and keep pushing it out towards the road, the first car to see you doing this motion stops and you off the driver (well you all know how generous I am) 500? I don’t even know what the currency is called, about €0.20 that is per person, we have traveled many kilometers using this system, the funny thing is the people driving in Ulaanbaatar don’t speak English so when they accept the 500 whatevers, they don’t know how far we are going or how long they are going to be driving us for and we cant tell them!!!! When they demonstrate to me that maybe I haven’t given then enough, I just laugh and they laugh with me – problem solved!

Great Fun.


Last night using this very transportation system we went out for dinner to a place called Broadway, we decided not to have a starter and just have a main so I ordered filet steak and Les ordered white fish. When it arrived we shared both, it was the best meal we have had so far in Mongolia and the waiter was excellent and spoke a little English, so before we leave Ulaanbaatar we will be paying Broadway another visit I would think.


We plan to stay here until Guido and Paula one of the couples we will be traveling through China with us arrives in Ulaanbaatar on the 21st June.  We will travel through the Gobi dessert to China together. There are two other vehicles meeting us at the Chinese border, then after crossing on to the Chinese side we meet Mrs. Spring our guide for China. The plan is that Mrs. Spring will be in each car alternating each day, that way everybody gets a chance to hear about the interesting things on the way.

So you are now up to date and I hope you are enjoying the trip with us. Don’t forget to make some comments on the site.


Dave n Les