Almost ready to return to the UK

We are almost ready to return to the UK, our friends and acquaintances have now all gone on their separate ways, ┬ásome to the north of Thailand and others making there way into Malaysia. I don’t think any of them have a fixed time table so we may see them return our way before making there final journey back to Europe, so we say good luck to you all and have a safe trip, keep emailing us and most of all enjoy the rest of your adventure.

We now have our flights booked with BA for our visit back home, we arrive in Manchester early October and will return back to Thailand sometime in November ready for Christmas in the sun.

Plodd is looking good parked in our driveway the aircon works fantastically now me and my new friend Jack the mechanic have repositioned the unit under the truck. I still have got to investigate the water dripping in on the bed, at the moment the weather here is to hot to spend anytime up on the roof but I will try to get it sorted before going back to the UK. While we are in the UK I have a shopping list of things to buy for Plodd (filter, parts,etc). One problem Plodd as developed is the engine will not stop when I turn it off, the only way to stop it is to put it in gear and let the clutch out to make the engine stall, if anybody has any ideas please let me have your thoughts.

Anyway that is all for now!