Almost ready to leave Bulgaria and our new friends

Hi Everybody Dave here,

It is Tuesday 6th May 2014 and we are planning to leave Varna and all our new friends tomorrow. A couple of days ago we decided to go up the coast a little to a place called Golden Sands, we were looking for a campsite to have a little more space. After a little while we did find one called the Laguna. It is a small site not very clean or tidy but very close to the beach and only 1 km from Golden Sands.
We thought we would stop two or three nights before returning to Varna to collect our passports. It turned out to be the most expensive campsite we had been on from setting off on the trip €25 and when you consider that we both think Bulgaria is the cheapest place we have been to up to now, the Hotel Perfect for example in Varna was only €40 for the VIP suite and that is a very nice hotel where nothing was to much trouble for the staff. We decided to go back to Varna and stay back in the Perfect Hotel for another couple of nights instead of staying on this well-worn campsite.
On the only day/night we stayed at the Laguna campsite we found out that the site had only just opened that day and we were the only people on the site. However, in the afternoon a caravan and car arrived with UK plates on, I went to say hi and it turned out to be a guy from Sheffield called Keith and his Bulgarian girlfriend Peta, (hope I have your name right Peta) we had a little chat and then Les and I went for a walk down into Golden Sands. Not impressed at all! It made Blackpool look sophisticated, it looked like it had all been made in a factory somewhere and delivered on trucks and set out along the beach, hotels and all, just plastic looking and full of Russians, even the exchange rates were 15% lower than Varna and all the prices were hiked up the same.
So back in Varna, I am sat on a stool outside the hotel front door at 8am typing this and waiting for DHL to arrive OR NOT! When they do condescend to arrive then we will be off to Romania where we are hoping to get a campsite with nice facilities that we will stop on for a few days before the long hall to Russia through Romania, Moldova and then the Ukraine.
Our plan is to arrive on the Ukraine/Russian border on the 18th May so we still have a little time to relax a little yet.
So next time you hear from us we will probably be in Romania.


Well the passports didn’t turn up so we are now back on Valdiver’s parking place next to his shop it is Tuesday and a public holiday in Bulgaria so not a lot of chance of the passports being delivered today. Hope they arrive first thing in the morning so we can get off early!