Almost ready for the trip back to Europe

So we are in the UK at the moment just for a month getting things for the trip and seeing our friends here, Plodd is well on the way to being ready for her trip, most of the jobs on my list have been done.

One job that John and I could not work out was the diesel heater we just could not get it working so John took the inside controller apart and found a heat sensor switch inside the controller, so we got some ice on a cloth and pressed the ice against the sensor and hay presto the heater started up, it was obviously to hot in Thailand to need the heater, the aircon has been recharged, changed the Drag-link and the engine has been fully serviced, just got a few little jobs left to do before we set off on the 1st June 2017.

We have managed to book Amy and Will’s guide Green for the quick trip through China, so we are very please about that as we have not got Spring our guide from 2014 with us. We will be missing most of the tourist attractions as we travel through China because we have only got 16 days to go from the very far south of China to the the most northerly point which will take us directly into Mongolia and the Gogi Desert.

Our plan is to leave Plodd Stop on the 1st June 2017 and head north to the second city of Thailand Chang Mai then enter Laos on or about the 4th June then one stop in Laos before entering China on the morning of 6th June 2017 to meet with Green for the first time.

So that is the plan so far