150 km to China

20th June 2014

So yesterday in the afternoon we arrived back at the Tokyo Hotel and that evening we dined at the Broadway Restaurant. It has been raining all day and night, during the night Plodd developed a leak over the bed actually not in the middle and not on HRH’s half but directly above my face, so I was awake half the night dodging the drips so this afternoon I have been on the roof trying to fix it.
I won’t know if I have been successful until next time it rains.
A few days ago I bought a new jacket and the arms were too long so back to the seamstress in the market opposite Plodd’s residence in the Tokyo hotel car park.
The good news is Mrs. Spring has contacted us today to say we have the permission needed to enter China on the planned date of 30th June, so we are going out tonight to celebrate by dinning in the Ivy restaurant in the heart of Ulaanbaatar.

21st June 2014

We have moved back to the Oasis for two nights before we head off into the desert and China, I was talking with Holgar and his wife Sandra during the day they are also going to Thailand but are not scheduled to cross China until the 10th of July so we are hoping to meet maybe at our house in August and possibly take a side trip with them.
We did dine at the Ivy, it was fantastic the food and service second to none, I had Foie Gras and Les had an amazing Caeser Salad then we both had Duck with cherry sauce on the breast and glazed orange on the leg it all just melted in our mouths.

22nd June 2014

Today has been a day trying to have new steps made for the side door of Plodd, the guys said they would start at 10am and arrived at 12.30pm with something made out of the reinforcing bars used for concrete. I should have stopped them there and then, but they said they understood what I wanted they went away and made another creation that would have been OK’ish but it was too wide to go between the fuel tanks and when in the storage position would stick out about 25cm from the side of Plodd, ready to knock anyone on the pavement over, so in the end Holgar explained that it would not work and they left.
Les made a nice chicken curry and I did the final preparation for setting off for the Gobi and China (fill water, drinking water, check oil, washers, water, etc.).

23rd June 2014

So it is 8.30am and I am just about to go and pay our final bill at Oasis. Oasis is a nice place to stay and gives you a sense of being part of the overlanders community, primarily it is motorbikes but on most days there are two or tree trucks/campers. Holgar and Sandra from Germany have been here both times we have stayed, so we have made good friends of them and like I said we hope to see them later in the trip.
The weather is very strange today the wind is blowing and is quite cold, yet in the night I had to get up and open a vent it was so hot.
Great news on the camera front. I bought a really good camera in the UK (Gopro 3+ black), but since leaving I have not been able to get it working, after I bought it I went on the internet to update the camera software like the instructions said you should. After that the password was changed and I could not use it, so I tried to contact GoPro, received acknowledgement from them twice then have heard nothing from them since! (£450 camera and no assistance). I emailed Blu at Restaurant Café Des Amis, a good friend and within 24 hour he sorted it out so we maybe able to post some video on www.Plodd.net with a bit of luck.
We are almost ready to set off we have said our farewell’s to Sandra and Holgar, don’t know when we will have internet connection next, so there may not be anything on Plodd until we enter China.


24th June 2014.

Yesterday we set off at 9.45am and drove 200km to the first town on the map, Choyr there was nothing in the city, so we decided to continue on knowing that the next big city Saynsland that was another 217 km, we was making good time as the roads were generally in good condition. So at 5pm (17.00) we arrived at Saynshand, we had intended to take our time but there was just no where suitable to stop and camp, the temperature outside at 5pm was hitting 42c and at an altitude 1,450 above sea level (10 x higher than Blackpool Tower) the air felt thin.
We looked around and found a large car park with a sign saying in English, Royal Restaurant and Pub, after we parked up I went for a look round and found the city hall office building and on the window a WiFi sticker so I went in and asked the doorman for the password he lead me to a guy called Galaa in a back office who spoke great English I told him about Plodd and he asked to have a look at her, so we walked across the square to Plodd, he said that we would be fine parked there and also said if we needed anything to telephone him or just call into his office.
We went in the Royal on the 3rd floor of the building next to Plodd for dinner and it was fine, during the night the temperature increased so we switched the fans on then in the morning the temperature had dropped like a stone to 22c and was blowing a gale, looking out of Plodd’s front window it looked like something out of an old wild west film sand and debris swirling round and blowing down the streets.

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